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Calvia University Centre (CUC)

The University Center of Calvia, CUC, was the first University Center of the Balearic Islands, starting up on March 31, 1995, following a framework agreement signed between the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) and the University national Distance Education (UNED).

The aim is promote and facilitate access and continuity of senior residents of Calvia studies, encouraging all initiatives that lead to the inclusion of the largest possible number of young people to university world.

It was the first University Centre in the Balearic Islands and was established on 31 March 1995, by means of a collaboration agreement signed with the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB)and the National University of Education and Distance Learning (UNED).

Our aim is to promote and to ease the access and the continuation of university studies for the residents  of Calvia, promoting all the initiatives that lead to the incorporation of more young people to university life.

Not only do we address university students, but we also undertake various activities directed to pre-university and post-graduate students.  In order to give an answer to the needs and demands of the students, we have set up various services.

Address: C/ sa Ginesta, 7, Bendinat. 07181 (consult  plan)
Telephone: 971 40 20 68
Fax: 971 70 23 25
Address e-mail: cuc@calvia.com

Timetable: www.cucalvia.com