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Centres of educational reinforcement

The network of educational support Calvia is a service that is structured as a resource for academic and educational support aimed at high school students, mainly mandatory, residents in Calvia.


  • Facilitate spaces for the study and schoolwork as well as the orientation for new interests which will help them in the process of decision taking with regard to their educational and professional future.
  • Improvement of the student´s school efficiency between the ages of 12 and 18.
  • Fulfilment of a support and an educational and vocational orientation. 
  • Fulfilment of individualized and group support for those students with learning difficulties.
  • Promote and propitiate the acquisition of the basic capacities of social relations, personal equilibrium, decision taking, argument, interpretation of the reality and autonomous access to apprenticeship in the youngsters.
  • Giving an instrumental sort of information which can give support to curricular areas worked on from the area of formal education.

To whom is the Crec directed?

To the students of ESO, students of Secondary Education and formative cycles resident in the municipality of Calvià.

What can you find?

  • Computer and internet hall.
  • Individualized study hall.
  • Spaces for group working.
  • Consultation books and daily press.
  • Cycles and formative workrooms.
  • Professional human team in this field.

Addresses and telephones: