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Agreements approved in September's plenary session

Thursday, 28th September 2023

Calvià Town Hall reduces the IBI (property tax) to 58.478 urban and rural properties in the municipality

It is one of the agreements approved in September's plenary session

Calvià municipality local holidays 2024

The Town Hall has thanked and recognised the commendable work carried out by Pedro Nadal and José Luis Mesa for all their years of work at the service of the Corporation at the time of their retirement. This is how the plenary session began to then approve the calendar of local holidays of the municipality for the year 2024 - with the abstention of the PSIB-PSOE - which is set as follows:

· 25th July, Sant Jaume, holiday throughout the municipality with the exception of Es Capdellà.

· 26th December. Sant Esteve (boxing day), holiday throughout the municipality with the exception of Es Capdellà.

· 20th January, Sant Sebastià, holiday in Es Capdellà.

· 16th July, Verge del Carme, holiday in Es Capdellà.

Local taxes payment by instalments
The beginning of the processing of the General Ordinance for the Collection of Taxes and other income has also been approved, which will allow payments to be divided into installments — vote in favour of the PP and Vox groups: abstention of the PSIB-PSOE group. This allows to implement new tools with the aim of improving the services that are being provided in terms of tax collection management. The Municipal Tax Office will draft the modification and promote the procedure until final approval, collecting for this purpose the mandatory reports from the Secretariat, Intervention and, if applicable, the technical reports that are necessary, until its complete publication in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands for its entry into force.

IBI's modification and reduction
In the same way - with the PSIB-PSOE voting against - it has been approved to initiate the file for the processing of the modification of the fiscal ordinance regulating the Real Estate Tax (IBI). Amongst other aspects, the tax rate to be applied on both, urban and rural real estate, is lowered by 1 percent and bonuses are set for large families. Calvià citizens will save 228.675 euros per year.

Municipal regulations for the use of official languages
The initial approval of the Municipal Regulation for the use of official languages in Calvià Town Hall, which establishes the equality of Spanish and Catalan, has also gone ahead. It has received the votes in favour of the PP and Vox groups and against the PSIB-PSOE group. The proposed regulation will establish, amongst other things:

· The right of citizens to be attended orally or in writing by the Town Hall in the two official languages, will be guaranteed.
· All documentation from the administrative sphere of the Corporation and the Government team may be written in both official languages.
· The outdoor and indoor signage, (signs, posters and indicators) of all municipal offices will be bilingual.
· The promotion and dissemination of information of citizen and institutional interest will be carried out in the two official languages.

The current political situation at the national level has merited two motions, one from the PSIB-PSOE and another jointly from PP and VOX. With the favourable vote of PP and VOX, the plenary has rejected any type of pardon or amnesty and will forward the request to the Presidency of the Government of Spain. The PSIB-PSOE has voted against.

On the other hand, the socialist motion has been rejected to urge the Government of Spain to "continue making dialogue, within the constitutional framework, the tool to improve coexistence between Catalans and these with the rest of Spain."

Early retirement for hotel chambermaids
The plenary session has unanimously approved Vox's motion to forward to the Government of Spain the request to establish early retirement for hotel chambermaids. Retirement is proposed at age 60 without reducing coefficients.