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100 days of government: first management balance


Wednesday, 27th September

100 days of government: first management balance

The municipal government, consisting of PP and Vox leading the Calvià Town Hall, reaches its first 100 days of management this week. After a little more than three months since the mayor, Juan Antonio Amengual, was handed over the command baton, these are some of the actions and achievements achieved so far:

1. MORE SECURITY: the implementation of the plainclothes police officer has contributed decisively to increasing security, especially in the most touristic areas of the municipality, as admitted by the merchants and neighbours themselves.

2. QUALITY TOURISM: the hotel sector agrees in pointing out the good occupancy levels and average price achieved in a season that closes, for the first time, with no tourists dying due to falls from the balconies of hotels and apartments.

3. BEACHES 365: the Town Hall is already working at this point to imminently expand beach services, so that our beaches can receive residents and tourists with the comforts of the summer season for as many months as possible.

4. URBAN PROJECTS: the three projects that modernise Peguera Boulevard, the first line of Magaluf, and Rei Jaume I avenue in Santa Ponça have been reactivated and improved where necessary. In total, close to 15 million euros of investment. 1.7 million have also been added for the improvement of the Galatzó estate.

5. HOUSING: the government team has restructured the 99 VPOs (state-subsidised housing) carried out in Santa Ponça in order to prioritise rent with an option to purchase, as an ideal model for families with limited resources.

6. MAINTENANCE: repair, after several years, of the air conditioning systems in the municipal premises such as IFOC or the Galatzó gym, within an ambitious plan already underway to improve maintenance in all public sports facilities.

7. POPULAR FESTIVALS: success of all the patron saint and neighbourhood festivals in the various population centres, culminating in one of the most participatory Disembarkation festivals in history.

8. FREE EDUCATION: The Town Hall extends support to the families of the municipality with eight free of charge hours a day in municipal nursery schools during the twelve months of the year and for all 0 to 3 years old stages.

9. LINGUISTIC FREEDOM: the municipal regulation is readjusted to today's reality in our municipality to - always complying with current Law - facilitate the free use of the two official languages of the Islands.

10. ADMINISTRATION: the first 100 days have also served to improve the activity of the municipal administration thanks to the proactivity and work synergies created between the Town Hall's staff and the temporary staff, which will result in a better service to the citizens of Calvià.