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Llar de Calvią bathrooms' renewal


Saturday, 5th August 2023

Renewal of Calvià Senior Citizens' Home bathrooms: the senior citizens' wheelchairs do not fit in the showers

The Senior Citizens' Home management and Town Hall start the first intervention to update the facilities that house 58 residents

Statements by Juan Caimari and Juana María Prats  Video

The Senior Citizens' Home of Calvià will have new showers for residents before the end of the year. The new manager, Juan Caimari, has announced the start of the works that will adapt the bathrooms of the 31 rooms of the Senior Citizens' Home to solve a serious deficiency. There is not enough space in the showers for wheelchairs —necessary for a large part of the residents—, which forces the health personnel to carry the senior citizens when it comes to washing them, an extremely complicated maneuver given their reduced mobility. Caimari has transferred the problem to the person in charge of Senior Citizens —Senior Citizens and Senior Citizens' Home—, Social Services and Family, the seventh deputy mayor Juana María Prats. So the works begin shortly and are expected to be completed in a few months.

Prats explained that "this is the first of the renewals that we are going to carry out in the Senior Citizens' Home of Calvià in a process of continuous improvement to adapt the facilities to the needs of the residents." For his part, Caimari regretted that “we have found a facilities that have long needed improvements for users and workers. We are widing access to the showers, we will do it on a tight budget, but enough to cover all the rooms.”