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Platges de Calvią team and directors' welcome


Thursday, 18th May 2023

Platges de Calvià team and board of directors' welcome and cup hand over

The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, welcomed the Platges de Calvià this afternoon at Calvià Town Hall, after being promoted to the Youth Honour Division last weekend, at the Magaluf football field. The reception was also attended by the deputy mayor for Sports, Eva Serra.

On behalf of Platges, the Club's president, Armando Pérez, attended the event, accompanied by the sports and technical team with their coach Omar Fernández, and the assistant coaches, Vicente Torres and Carlos Ruiz, at the head; the physical trainer, Juan Carlos Lorenzo, and the team delegate, Tomás Galera.

During the reception, the president of the Football Federation of the Balearic Islands, Pep Sansó, made the official Cup hand over that consecrates them as champions of the National Youth League 2022-2023, before the families of the players who also moved to the Town Hall.

The mayor has welcomed the entire sports, technical and managerial team, and the families, congratulating them on the success achieved. "For Calvià football it is a historic moment, he said, and you have to enjoy it", adding that these milestones result in the construction of a municipality. The mayor has wished them much success in transit through the Youth Honour Division.

The president of Platges de Calvià has highlighted the work that has been done as a club which, in this municipality, he has stated, "is the flagship". Now, the objective is, he has pointed out, "to stay where we are. We got here and we are not moving", he has added.

In his speech, the president of the FFIB stated that Platges has managed to be a reference team in the Federation, and he wished them to enjoy the Youth Honour Division because "it is the category that is most similar to professional football ".

After the cup hand over, the team captains have taken the floor.

Platges de Calvià won last weekend at the Magaluf football field, achieving the feat of promotion to the Youth Honour Division, 21 years after being promoted to the highest category of national youth football.