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Góngora St. remodeling and Magaluf roads opening


Friday, 12th May 2023


The opening of the main road of the RES-50 will allow a more direct connection with the motorway

Calvià Town Hall has received this week the section of Góngora St. that has been renovated, from Blanc St. to Galeón St., as well as the streets and paths of the RES-50 residential estate in Magaluf, so the roads are already open to the public.

With the opening of the main road of the RES-50, it is possible to connect Góngora St. with Camí de Sa Porrassa, which has a connection with the motorway, which allows access in a more direct way, without having to travel through Magaluf or Palmanova., thus lightening the traffic on urban roads.

Regarding Góngora St., the section that goes from Blanc St. to Galeón St. (athletics track roundabout) is now completely open. This stretch of street has been completely renovated going from being a fast road with preference for vehicles, to a friendly road in which pedestrians are given prominence and preference. In this sense, the two lanes in each direction have been reduced to one, incorporating a 4 metre wide promenade for pedestrians, troughs and trees, and a bike lane. In addition, storm drains have been installed to prevent street flooding.

In the RES-50 of Magaluf, the Town Hall has already granted the license for the construction, by the private developer, of 87 subsidised homes (75 VPO and 12 VPT), which will be the first phase of the Strategic Land Reserve, where there is also some land that will revert to the Town Hall for the construction of another 78 officially protected homes. In addition, the developer has conditioned the green areas of the RES-50 with paths and ponds in the Magaluf wetlands that have already been opened and through which the public can circulate.

In both cases, the remodeling works have been carried out by the developer of the RES-50 residential estate. In the case of Góngora St., which is outside the scope of the RES, the developer accepted an agreement with the Town Hall to improve this road, which was not originally foreseen.