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Check the Night of the Perseids' activities


Wednesday 10th August 2022

The Mallorcan Institute of Space Sciences and Calvià Town Hall organise 'The Nights of the Perseids' at the Galatzó public estate

The IMCE offers the best conditions to enjoy the Perseids or 'Tears of Saint Lawrence'

On Friday 12th, at the Houses of Galatzó

The Mallorcan Institute of Space Sciences has organised, with the collaboration of Calvià Town Hall's Environment Department, the 'Night of the Perseids' to be held on Friday 12th, at the Houses of the Galatzó public estate, in Calvià, with the objective of "teaching the recommendations and strategies to stargazing with guarantees" the 'Tears of Saint Lawrence', or Perseid meteor shower, on the day of its maximum activity, according to the IMCE. This opportunity is offered to small groups, both in Catalan and Spanish, with explanations by experts.

The activity to be held on Friday 12th will include, in addition to observation with telescopes, a guided visit to the houses of Galatzó by the heritage disseminator Tomàs Vibot, an introduction to the Perseid phenomenon by the computer engineer and planetarist Elena González and the explanation of the sky ('stargazing') with the help of a laser by Margalida Barrera, an expert in teaching astronomy.

Optionally, you can participate in the Constellations course. Location strategies and annual and night displacement.

For the activity in the Galatzó houses, there will be a shuttle bus, from Calvià sports centre, every half hour, starting at 7 p.m. The activity is free of charge for children under 12 years of age and has a price of seven euros for children under 18 years of age, 15 for adults and 25 for participation in the course.

Reservations can be made on the IMCE website, on the events page: https://www.imce.es/nit-de-perseids-12-dagost-de-2022-a-les-cases-de-galatzo/

The IMCE and Calvià Town Hall have been organising these observations since 2016, although they had to be suspended in 2020 due to the health situation. Last Friday, the same experience was carried out at Bellver Castle, with a great response from the public.