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Application for the inscription and payment of the l IVTM, prior to vehicle registration

Formulate the inscription declaration and paymetn of the tax prior to registering

It is essential that the interested party is registered in Calvia as a resident or owns a property in the municipality

It is initiated at the request of the interested party or their legal representative.

Once the relating documents have been presented to the Section of Tax Collection and the amount to pay has been calculated, the amount must be paid into the municipal Treasury.

handling costs:
The amount of the tariff is in relation to the class of vehicle, amount of horsepower, the cubic centimetres of the cylinder and the capacity and is regulated by the fiscal Bylaw regulating the tax on vehicles with mechanical traction

Documents to present:
- Specific form (inscription of the vehicle) duly completed, that can be obtained from the Tax Collection Section.

- Original Technical card of the vehicle or endorsed photocopy.

- Photocopy of DNI or CIF of the interested party or NIE in the case of being a foreigner.

- Certificate of municipal registration if the address doesn't coincide with the DNI.

- Copy of the deeds (in the event that the person isn't registered in the municipaltiy and is the owner of the property).

- Telephone or gas receipt (in the event that the person isn't registered in the municipality and rents the property)

Applicable byelaw:
- Fiscal bylaw regulating the tax on vehicles of mechanical traction.

- RDL 2/2004