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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Application for installing a market stall

The process to follow is the following:

A)Presentation of the Request in the General Register of the Town Hall.

B)Then from Department of Commerce we will contact the people who have been selected to participate in the markets, as per the criteria established in the Regulating Rules.

C)Presentation of all the necessary documents.

D)Payment of duties

E)Finalization and presentation of the credentials. The period of presentation for the Periodic Markets is always open, but in the case of temporary Crafts Markets, the period for presentation of requests is from 1 de Abril. Presentattion in Calvia Town Hall, C/ Julià Bujosa Sans, Batle, 1 07184 Calvià (Balearic Islands)

handling costs:
EThe amount corresponds to the fees and public duties for occupying the public highway. (Aprox. 282.05€, per module of 3x2M)

Documents to present:
The minimum documents to present are:

a.NIF if an individual person or document that proves the condition and the sunsequent legal representative, in the case of a legal entity.

b.Registration for the Tax on Economic Activities.

c.Relation of the staff who will attend to the commercialization or administration of the sales point, showing their working relationship and proof.

d.Be registered and up to date with the Social Securty payments either general regime or self-employed, as the case may be.

e.Proven declaration of the nature of the commercial activities to be carried out, expressing the origin of the goods in the case of manufactured products.

f.Receipt proving the up to date payment of the fees or public duties for occupying the public highway.

g.In the case of foreigners who are not members of the European Community, they should provide proof of possesing the residence and self-employed work permit according to the present legislation.

h.Proof of holding an up to date insurance policy for civil liability.