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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia

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Municipal Corporation 2015.2019

The Municipal Corporation was constituted on 13th June 2015. It is composed of 25 councillors: 10 of the PSIB-PSOE, 9 of the PP, 2 of the Esquerra Oberta,  3 of the Mixed Group and 1 non assigned councillor. The Government team is composed by the Partido Socialista (PSIB-PSOE)

Check here the salaries of the members of the government team and the rest of the municipal corporation.

Government team: 10 PSIB-PSOE councillors 


Alfonso Rodríguez Badal

Mayor of Calvià.


Andreu Serra Martínez

First Deputy Mayor Delegate for General Services and Security.

Councillor Delegate for the areas of Calvià Village and Es Capdellà.

Municipal Spokesman.


Nati Francés Gárate

Third Deputy Mayor delegate for Social Cohesion and Equality.

Councillor delegate for the areas of Santa Ponça, Es Castellot and Galatzó.


          Eva Serra Félix

Fifth Deputy Mayor delegate for Sports and International Community.

Councillor delegate for the areas of Ca's Català, Illetes and Costa d'en Blanes.

      JUAN CUADROS         

        Juan Cuadros Martínez                                                                       

Sixth Deputy Mayor delegate for Mobility, Highways and Works Maintenance.

Councillor for the areas of Peguera and Cala Fornells.


Alfonso Molina Jiménez

Councillor Delegate for Mantenance.

Councillor delegate for the areas of Magaluf, Torrenova.

Sol de Mallorca, Cala Vinyes and Son Ferrer.


Mayte Albertí Casellas

Councillor delegate for Social Services and Senior Citizens.

Councillor delegate for the areas of Portals Nous and Bendinat.

                   PAQUITA MUÑOZ                             

Paquita Muñoz Alcaraz 

Councillor delegate of Commerce and Natural and Urban Environment.

Councillor delegate for the areas of Palmanova and Son Caliu.

In the Plenary Session of the Town Hall of Calvià, in special meeting held on the 9th of August of 2016, an account was given on the resignation of Mr. Israel Molina Sarrió from his post as town councillor, the post was immediately declared vacant and the Electoral Comission was requested on the credentials of the person to replace him. In a special meeting held on the 29th of September of 2016, Ms. Isabel Manresa Pérez was appointed as a councillor.

Consult the citizen's services schedule here.

The Local Government of the Corporation consist of the following town councillors: Andreu Serra Martínez, Antonio García Moles, Nati Francés Garate, Mari Carmen Iglesias Manjón, Eva Serra Félix, Juan Cuadros Martínez, and, until the 9th of August of 2016, Israel Molina Sarrió. As of the 10th of October of 2016, Fernando Alcaraz Omiste was incorporated, once appointed deputy mayor, until 14th December 2017 when it was ceased.

Partido Popular (PP): 9 councillors


José Manuel Ruiz Rivero

Councillor spokesperson

Esquerra Oberta: 2 councillors

Mixed Group: 3 councillors 

Non assigned councillor