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He was born in Palma on 23rd January 1980. 
He has always worked in cultural management and youth policies. 
Diploma in Teaching (2006) by the UIB and studies of Social Education. He is technician in physical activities in the natural environment (2003).
In the professional field, he has worked as a monitor and director of free time for the Palma Town Hall and the Government of the Balearic Islands; Technician in youth policies in the Youth Council of Spain; Programmer, promoter and cultural manager for the Obra Cultural Balear; Manager of the Consell de la Joventut of the Region of Valencia; and responsible for management and production in Bon Gust catering.
In the participation and associationism area, he as participated in different organisations, platforms and social groups, at different times and areas; (Football coach at Lluís Vives College), educational and leisure time (MEiGM monitor), student (member of the EIB and CEPC), political (militant of PSM and MÉS, spokesman for MÉS per Calvià), environmentalist (educator and activist in GOB), language and culture (coordinator in Joves de Mallorca per la Llengua), youth participation (president of the Youth Council of the Balearic Islands).