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Casita / Know Calvią/ Calvią in Figures

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Calvią Municipality in Figures

The IBESTAT, the Institute of Statistics of the Balearic Islands, provides in an agile and transparent way, diverse statistics that may be of interest to society. The access to its web portal, allows to guarantee a detailed study of the reality to the citizens, companies and institutions of Calvià, through public statistics, measured by criteria of objectivity and methodological rigour, that allow the exploitation of official data.

The importance of “Calvià municipio en Cifras” (Calvià Municipality in Figures) lies in being a tool that allows to maintain a daily update of statistical information, proving to be a living tool. It allows us to fulfill the objective of transparency of the information to contribute to the improvement of the quality and excellence, of the public services of our municipality.

Access to the information of Calvià in IBESTAT