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Festivities and Traditions

Like many municipalities that have many centuries of history, Calvia commemorates old traditions. Many have a medieval origin, although in recent years we have incorporated some "modern traditions" that have earned their place amongst the Calvià residents. Some of them have been brought by our international community and have enriched us all, making Calvià a place of joy and cohabitation. You're invited! 

Three Kings5th of January. The eve of the Epiphany is the most awaited festivity for the little ones. The parade of the Three Kings consists of floats decorated with bright and colorful Christmas decorations and the Christmas endearing characters. Their Majesties run through the areas of the municipality of Calvià to hand out gifts and dreams.

Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià festivities: In Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, 17th and 20th January, all Mallorca lights bonfires. In Calvià we've got them back recently and next to the church building in Calvià Vila, on the Saturday of Sant Antoni, we light the biggest bonfire where the devil is burned. Around small bonfires are lit and neighbours barbecue mallorcan sausage ('botifarrons') and spicy pork sausage ('sobrassada'). There is information that this recently brought back tradition was celebrated since 1652, when the plague did not affect the village of Calvià, apparently thanks to Sant Sebastià.

Carnival: Costume contests and carnival for everyone. The best excuse to interact with neighbours and friends, in an atmosphere of good humour and to make a complaint in a smart way. The contest winners receive significant cash prizes.

Pancaritat and Diumenge de l'ÀngelThe pilgrimage, our most rural tradition. After Easter neighbours gather to do a short countryside walk, organised by the parishes. On this day everyone shares the leftovers of Easter Sunday lunch such as panades, robiols, crespells and spend a day together full of fun and fellowship.

Sant Joan24th June. Sant Joan Baptista (Saint John the Baptist) is the patron saint of the municipality. In the village of Calvià we celebrate honouring our elders: a Mass for them, regional dances and all neighbours over 75 years old are invited to a glass of almond ice cream with ensaimada. This festival has been taking place since the fifties.

Sant Jaume: 25th July. The festivity of Sant Jaume is the most important fiesta in the village of Calvià. For a week, the village rearranges its activity to participate in different events. The main objective is to have fun and get together. There are many activities organized for thie festivities, both for children as for adults, combining cultural and leisure activities with sports and religion.

Rei en Jaume festivities:  The King Jaume festivities began to be celebrated in 1995 commemorating a historical fact of great importance as the landing and beginning of the conquest of the Islamic kingdom of Majorca in September of 1229 was. Around this date lots of activities take place, the most important is a representation of the disembarkation and the fight between Christians and Saracens in the beaches of Santa Ponça.

Summer festivities: During the summer months each one of the areas of Calvià celebrates its own festivities, organised by the neighborhood associations and with the assistance of the Town Hall. It is a good opportunity for the neighbours to get to know each other a bit better and so all entities in the area participate, whatever their interest may be: cultural, sports, etc.