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History of the Local Police of Calvią

Over time the Local Police of Calvià has grown and evolved, both in roles and responsibilities as also in resources and agents. We have grown in parallel with our town: between 1930 and 1960 there was only one local policeman for Calvià with different functions such as crier, lawman and notifications deliveryman.

The Local Police of Calvià as a body was founded in 1964 with ten agents and a commanding officer. At the time we bought our first jeep and two motorcycles, and our functions continued to be many and varied: firemen, ambulance driving, etc.

In 1972 the workforce is expanded with ten extra agents and more vehicles arrive: two R-4, a Land Rover, a car for the Mayor and two other motorbikes. With the workforce expansion and new technical means we can give better coverage to our neighbours, including fire engines and ambulances that we still have. 

Between 1978 and 1980 the first local agents to cover the summer season arrive and our fleet of vehicles is increased again with a crane and six scooters, seeking both efficiency and proximity to neighbours and tourists. In this period the first firefighters and ambulance drivers with specific functions arrived in Calvià, so that the Local Police were able to dedicate ourselves to specific security functions. 

From 1981, with the changes of police specific legislation and the strong growth experienced in Calvià, our body went through deep changes while we continued to expand the workforce. All new agents are formed from that moment at the School of Local Police of the Balearics. The organizational chart also changes, it consists of internal promotions: comming "from below", from the experience and knowledge of our town. 

Today, the Local Police of Calvià has a staff of 166 policemen (between agents and officers), plus 27 season/tourist policemen in Summer. In 2003 we moved into our new headquarters, modern and adapted to the needs of our residents and visitors with a modern receiving calls centre, a fleet of over 50 vehicles, and a modern communications network. 


No doubt there has been progress since Cadafet, the only policemen of the town, served citizens many years ago.

Photograph showing the Local Police Force of Calvià in front of the old Town Hall building in the Church square of Calvià village in 1973