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Calvią calls for renewed Rei En Jaume awards

Friday, 19th April 2024

Calvià calls for renewed Rei En Jaume awards with the veto on artificial intelligence: “Awards from people for people”

In addition to the awards for Narrative, Poetry, Photography and Painting, honorary awards will be presented at a gala next October

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The Calvià Town Hall has called the XXII edition of the Rei En Jaume Awards, which present important innovations compared to previous years. The most significant are the inclusion of the Spanish language in the literary categories and the express prohibition of the use of artificial intelligence in the works presented.

The works of Narrative and Poetry can be presented from 3rd to 10th June, while those of Painting and Photography will have a period between13th and 20th June. At the end of August - coinciding with the festivities that commemorate the landing of the King Rei En Jaume in Santa Ponça - an exhibition of the finalist works of Painting and Photography will be inaugurated. Prizes for all categories will be presented at a gala at the end of October. As a novelty, the gala will also present honorary awards to people or entities related to the world of Literature and Fine Arts that have stood out for their professional career.

Six awards are announced. Those in Photography and Painting are endowed with a prize of 1,500 euros each and the exhibition of the work in a municipal space. As for the literary ones, Narrative and Poetry are called in both Catalan and Spanish, with each of the four winners receiving a prize of 1,500 euros and 50 printed copies of their work. Also – and this is another novelty – the signing of a contract with a publisher that will guarantee the printing and commercial distribution of the award-winning works in bookstores.

The deputy mayor responsible for Culture, Manuel Mas, has claimed the plurality of awards that "are announced for novels and poetry in both Catalan and Spanish. This has meant adapting the budget to guarantee financial prizes and an extra effort for the Culture team and the jury. "We believe that it is a fair and necessary measure to not exclude any of our authors from the opportunity to win a prize."

En cuanto a las obras —plásticas y literarias— se prohíbe la presentación de aquellas que hayan sido generadas total o parcialmente mediante inteligencia artificial. En el caso de que se detectara su uso, desde el Consistorio se advierte de la posibilidad de «adoptar las medidas oportunas». Teresa Tena, regidora delegada de Cultura y Juventud, ha señalado que «debemos adaptarnos a los tiempos que corren. No es fácil detectar el uso de la inteligencia artificial, pero nos esmeraremos en ello. Los Premios Rei en Jaume deben ser los premios del talento y la excelencia, queremos apostar por reconocer el trabajo hecho por personas para personas».

Regarding works, the presentation of those that have been generated totally or partially by artificial intelligence is prohibited. In the event that its use is detected, the Town Hall warns of the possibility of "adopting appropriate measures." Teresa Tena, delegate councillor for Culture and Youth, has pointed out that "we must adapt to the current times. It is not easy to detect the use of artificial intelligence, but we will do our best. The Rei En Jaume Awards should be awards for talent and excellence, we want to focus on recognizing work done by people for people.

The competition rules can be checked here