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School visits to Sa Morisca begin


Wednesday, 10th January 2024


The educational offer has a growing appeal at all stages, from preschool to high school and vocational training.

Next Monday, 15th January, marks the beginning of school visits to Sa Morisca, an educational initiative that seeks to enrich the academic experience of more than 4.000 students, approximately 65% from educational centres in Calvià. This educational programme will be carried out from 15th January to 15th June for students from 35 schools in Mallorca from preschool to high school and vocational training, and will focus on the exploration of the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park.

Students will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating archaeological world of Sa Morisca, discovering its secrets and understanding the historical importance of this site through playful experiences. Throughout the programme, a wide variety of educational activities designed to promote understanding of the prehistory of Calvià will be carried out, most in the Park and others directly in the school centres. These activities will be presented in a fun and provocative way, allowing students to learn in an interactive way. Furthermore, not only the history of human societies will be studied, but also aspects linked to the multidisciplinary scientific method with the study of the human body, animals, plants, minerals, etc. In fact, teaching how to investigate scientifically is the starting point.

The main objective is that school visits to Sa Morisca inspire future generations to appreciate and preserve our valuable prehistoric heritage through an enriching and memorable educational experience for all participants, for this purpose historical recreation, dramatisation and experimental archeology will be used as basic tools. The workshop offer includes, amongst others, a stone-slingers workshop or the construction of a giant naveta (megalithic chamber tomb).

The human team is made up of three educators specialising in the teaching of prehistory and archaeology, as well as the coordinator of public programmes at the Puig de sa Morisca Arqueological Park. However, it is a place where scientific research is also carried out with the Grup de Recerca ArqueoUIB. Thus, there is a total of about 25 people behind the didactic offer that tries to create and implement recreational and immersive informative activities correctly based on the most recent archaeological research.

The Puig de sa Morisca Archaeological Park, launched by Calvià Town Hall in collaboration with the UIB since 1997, covers more than 45 hectares and contains an outstanding concentration of archaeological sites. The park attracts around 70.000 visitors a year and offers significant natural, ethnographic and landscape heritage. Its museum will have a permanent exhibition that will explore how contacts between different communities have influenced human evolution over time.

In the Puig de Sa Morisca there are remains that range from the Bronze Age, probably from 1.800 BC, to the Almohad period. Its sites are characterised by their rich history and complex configuration, which makes it a valuable testimony of the past.

This educational project is possible thanks to the interest of the schools, the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park's educational team, and the continuous support of Calvià Town Hall. All activities are free of charge, since the financing is provided by Calvià Town Hall. For additional information, you can call 971 13 92 18, send an email to morisca@calvia.com or visit @parcsamorisca

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