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Benefits for workers of municipal companies


Wednesday, 29th November 2023

650 Calvià 2000 and Oh!Limpia workers and their families will benefit from discounts in 800 local companies and businesses

The benefits programme for workers of municipal companies starts with discounts of up to 50 percent


The Calvià 2000 - Oh!Limpia Club is launched for workers of the two companies to which 650 employees can join. Each of them may add up to five beneficiaries. With this, workers will be able to opt for discounts that in some cases reach 50 percent for both online and in-person purchases in up to 800 companies and businesses. Through an application, workers can obtain vouchers for the purchase of appliances, fashion, sports equipment, opticians, travel...

Andrés Barceló, manager of Calvià 2000, has stressed that the programme is a way to "thank and recognise the work of our employees who, day after day, keep Calvià just as we all want it to be." He has insisted on "the importance of initiatives of this type that not only serve to reactivate the economy but also contribute to improving the working environment of workers." "It is a more than deserved reward for their efforts."

For her part, the second deputy mayor and president of Calvià 2000, Esperanza Catalá, has assured that “this is not a discount plan, we go much further. In addition to agreeing on discounts and online offers, we have taken care to include local businesses in the municipality. We are working on expanding the number of companies and premises in the municipality that join the programme. "We live in a globalised world in which we cannot put doors to commerce, but we want everything possible to be consumed in our municipality."

The Calvià 2000 and Oh!Limpia Club is now operational and available to beneficiaries. Employees can now access offers and vouchers exchange online. They have also received a welcome kit.