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Informative note from the Local Police of Calvią


Tuesday 24th November 2020



Breach of the curfew in the municipality is not significant

The Calvià Local Police continues its task of monitoring the COVID-19 measures in the municipality. There have been no notable incidents in the past two weeks, but there have been some non-compliances. On Saturday afternoon at the Galatzó residential area skate park there was an instant of overcapacity, with about sixty kids, so the Calvià Local Police officers had to vacate the premises and drafted nine reports to young people who were not wearing a face mask. Also in the sports field, last Tuesday at the Son Caliu football field, the Police officers were alerted that eight adults had jumped the fence of the sports courts and that they were playing football without authorisation, neither being federated, nor wearing a face mask.

On the other hand, the previous week, the Calvià Local Police fined seven people in Santa Ponça because they were doing a bottle party, did not wear a face mask and exceeded the number of people who could meet. Also on Saturday, but at noon, three young people who were carrying narcotic substances, two potentially dangerous dogs without muzzles and also were not wearing a face mask, were fined.

On Saturday evening in the vicinity of a bar in Santa Ponça, three reports were drawn up for possession of drugs, four for not using a face mask and two for temporary occupation of knives as indicated in Organic Law 4/2015 on the Protection of Citizen Security. In the Galatzó residential area, the police fined three people inside an establishment who were smoking and playing dominoes at the bar. In Magaluf, a report was drawn up for two men who were smoking and the cook of a restaurant who was in the street without respiratory protection.

Leisure venue

The Calvià Local Police drafted a report last week to a bar service and live music establishment, a nightlife venue in Magaluf, which was open and in operation, for which it has committed an alleged infraction of Decree-Law 11 / 2020 of 10th July for failing to comply with the exceptional measures to face the COVID-19 health crisis.

Face masks

On the use of face masks, both on public roads and in vehicles, 47 complaints have been filed in the last fifteen days. Eleven correspond to the Magaluf area, eight to Santa Ponça, six to Bendinat, five to the Son Bugadelles industrial estate, four to both Illetes and Peguera, three to Son Caliu and Son Ferrer, and one to Es Capdellà, Palmanova and El Toro. It should be noted that a minor without a face mask was found on Ramon de Montcada St., who showed an exemption affidavit which was not very reliable because he is a smoker. The police officers requested the presence of the mother, who also did not wear a face mask and made denial statements. Both were proposed for sanction.


Regarding the curfew, in recent weeks fifteen people have been fined for this breach, usually it is before 1 a.m. or between 5 and 6 a.m. The areas where these complaints have been filed are Son Bugadelles industrial estate, Magaluf, Bendinat and Ramon de Montcada (Santa Ponça).