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Citizen Service

The Citizen Attention Service is in charge of providing information and facilitating the management of municipal procedures and also those of other concerted administrations. This service is provided at the Citizen Services (SAC) offices of the Calvià Town Hall and the Municipal Services Centre in Palmanova. In both offices you can receive attention in English and German, with prior appointment in those languages.

Individuals can go in person to these offices for any procedure they need. Consult the information and conditions in the following LINK.


To submit applications and documents, you can do so through the Electronic Registry. If you already have an electronic certificate or DNIe, you can send applications and documents electronically to the Calvià Town Hall through the Electronic Registry of the Calvià Town Hall in the ELECTRONIC HEADQUARTERS. 

For more information you can contact us through the following means:

Telephone: 971 13 91 00
Email: registregeneral@calvia.com

Registry application form 

Page updated 2022-10-16