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The role of the Licensing Department (Servicio de Actividades) is to process the necessary administrative procedures for the opening, modification and practice of any activities/businesses that, developed entirely within the municipality of Calvià, are encompassed within the field of Law 7/2013, of 26th November, regarding the legal status of installation, access and practice of activities/businesses in the Balearic Islands.

It also performs the necessary tasks of monitoring and inspecting activities/businesses from their initarion onwards, verifying the legality of, and compliance with, the documentation presented. The authority to do so can undertaken due to a complaint or during a campaign (or plan) of inspection.

Where can we be found?
C/ Julià Bujosa Sans, batle 1
07184 Calvià (Illes Balears)
Phone: 971 139 100

More information available in Spanish and Catalan