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Palmanova-Magaluf season start meeting


Wednesday 9th June 2021


The mayor of Calvià and the regional minister for Tourism demand that all sectors join forces to advance de-escalation in a controlled manner

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, chaired the meeting at which he called the tourism sector and the associated offer of Calvià and which, today, was attended by the regional minister for Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela. This is the first meeting held by the Town Hall with all sectors of the tourist areas of the municipality to address the start of the tourist season in different destinations.

Both, the mayor and the regional minister have agreed that, in these moments of de-escalation, the important thing is to join forces amongst all sectors since it will be key to the economic and tourist reactivation, especially in areas, such as Palmanova and Magaluf, which are so dependent of the British tourism.

In this sense, they have called for a joint effort so that the de-escalation that has begun is accompanied by an effort to control by all sectors to not put the image of the destination of Magaluf at risk, something that includes the so-called Excess Decree to be strictly enforced. And, they have added, this will be key to not ruin the season.

The regional minister for Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, has explained, on the other hand, the de-escalation process and the measures that have been taken to reach the current controlled health situation, absolutely essential to reach the summer as it has arrived, with the more open autonomous community that gives the Balearic Islands the position of safe destination. Reiterating that the islands cannot afford a step back in de-escalation.

Finally, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal and Iago Negueruela, have explained the aid that has been launched, both municipal and regional, specifying that as of Monday, State aid of 855 million euros can be requested, as well as the urban improvements that are being carried out and those that will be carried out to accompany the reconversion of the destination.

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