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Deadline: from 19th April to 14th May

Sunday 18th April 2021


Aid application submission information at www.calvia.com/ayudas3000 or by clicking on the picture. Applications must be submitted electronically.

Applications for direct aid aimed at the productive sector launched by Calvià Town Hall may be submitted From Monday 19th April to Friday 14th May, with a total of 3.000.000 euros, of which 2.022.000 are provided the Town Hall and the rest (489.243 euros each) are provided by the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Consell de Mallorca.
These are direct aids with a fixed amount of 3.000 euros per work centre or establishment, with a maximum of two establishments per person, that is, with a maximum of 6.000 euros in aid per person.

This call introduces a series of novelties with regards to other grants, with the double objective of reaching as many people as possible and simplifying and speeding up procedures.
The first novelty is that, to request the aid, it will only be necessary to provide a responsible declaration, as a guarantee that the requirements of the call are met, which later will be verified by the administration, and it will not be necessary to justify later the investment made by the beneficiary person.

Another outstanding novelty is that people who throughout 2020 have tax and Social Security debts, or have debts with the administration, and that are not higher than the subsidies they may receive, may request the aid. Without prejudice to the fact that they will be entitled to the aid if, in the event of having a debt before 2020 and greater than this aid, the beneficiary proceeds to regulate that situation of it in the correction period that is established.

Eligible activities

a) Catering activities, gyms, dance schools, dance halls and discotheques that do not meet one or more of the requirements to be beneficiaries of any of the aid calls to alleviate the effects of COVID-19 implemented by the Mallorca Turisme Foundation of the Consell de Mallorca, aimed at these sectors. The requirement for which the aid of the aforementioned call has not been obtained must be indicated.

b) Night leisure activities.

c) Retail trade of laundry products or services, travel agencies, car wash areas (except petrol stations), hardware, drugstore, haberdashery, dietetics, aesthetics, hairdressing, perfumery, cosmetics, tattoos, beauty salons, decoration, plants, florists and herbs in herb shops.

d) Stable amusement parks, leisure centres, mini-golf, karting, bicycle rental (recreational gaming establishments, betting houses or similar are expressly excluded).

e) Photographic studios and photo-service, book and press sales, stationeries and print shops.

f) Retail trade of textiles, clothing, footwear, furs, leather goods, souvenirs, home clothing, sporting items.

g) Retail trade of jewelry, watches, silverware, costume jewelery, porcelain and toys.

h) Retail trade of food products and beverages in general (except hypermarkets and large stores), bakeries, grocery stores, supermarkets, liquor stores, butchers, patisseries, greengrocers, as long as they have not been open to the public for more than nine months during 2020.

i) School farms. Included within this section are those establishments with a qualifying title of Cultural Environmental Centre as well as those that have obtained the qualifying title equivalent to school farm through agrarian legislation.

j) Retail trade of products and services for pets (except veterinary centres or clinics)