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Application for the modification of the surface area of the premises and alteration of the fee

Apply for the alteration or the modification of the surface area, as stipulied in the project of the activity licence, and the modification, if applicable, of the tarif relating to the rubbish collection fee for commercial premises

It is initiated at the petition of the interested party or his representative, presenting the documents in the Citizen's AttentionService. Subsequently the Service of Tax Collection will verify "in situ" the surface area change or modification requested and will notify the interested party

Documents to present:
- General request duly completed and all the relevant documents pertaining to the request.

-In case of representation, an authorization or power that proves the condition

Applicable byelaw:
Law 30/1992 of Common Administration Proceedings

Fiscal bylaw regulating the Fee for the serivce of collection and disposal of rubbish.