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Application to register for the payment of rubbish collection from commercial premises

Apply to be registered for the municipal service of rubbish collection or for the change of activity in a business premises.-

1. Constitute the base of the taxable amount of the fee for the compulsory service of collection, transport, treatment and/or disposal of rubbish and urban refuse from households, accomodations, boat moorings at marinas and premises or establishments where activities of industrial, commercial, professional, artistic and services are carried out.

2.- To this effect, what is considered as household rubbish and urban refuse are the remains or food left overs, remains arising from the normal cleaning of premises and housing, and are excluded from this concept any industrial waste, building work rubble material or matter that is contaminating, corrosive, dangerous the collection or tipping of products that demand the adoption of special hygiene, prophylactic or safety measures.

3.- At the same time, constitute the taxable base rate for the providing of the service, voluntarity on prior request of the interested party, the collection, transport and treatment for the elimination of furniture, household items and mattresses not coming from private homes, gardening and pruning remains, as well as dead animals

4.-The following services are not subject to the tax by means of a voluntary request::

a) Collection of rubbish and residues not qualified as household and urban from industries and laboratories.

b) Collection of building rubble from plots and premises

c) Unloading in the municipial rubbish tips, household items and remains and residues coming from the Municipal Collection Service

It is initiated at the request of the interested party or his representative, presenting all the documents in the Service of Tax Collection. Subsequently the presented documents will be verified and will automatically proceed to the registering or the modification

handling costs:
See Regulating bylaw of the fee for the service of collection and disposal of rubbish

Documents to present:
Copy of the censal registry of the IAE.

- NIF of the titleholder.

- In the case of representation, an authorization proving the condition.

Applicable byelaw:
Regulating bylaw of the fee for the serivce of collection and disposal of rubbish.

- Royal Decree Legislativo 2/2004.