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Procedures and prior appointment


As of 8th June, the citizens' attention services of the Calvià Town Hall reopen the face-to-face service to attend only "essential" procedures that cannot be processed online. Citizen's can only go with PRIOR APPOINTMENT. Check the information and conditions at the following LINK

PAYMENT OF TAXES MAY BE FRACTIONED up to a maximum of SEVEN MONTHS (through payments settled on the 15th of each month FROM MAY TO NOVEMBER). All the information in:

Starting Thursday, 1st June, you can request a PRIOR APPOINTMENT at the Municipal Tax Office (OMT) to do, free of charge, this year's income tax statement, which is done in collaboration with the Tax Agency.
Appointments can be requested through the web www.aeat.es or by calling: 901 22 33 44 or 915 53 00 71
Income tax statements that can be done:
® Work earnings, with a limit of € 65,000 per year
® Income from movable capital, with a limit of € 15,000 per year.
® Income from real estate capital with the limit of 2 rented real estate and/or 2 rental agreements.
®Capital gains and losses subject to withholding or payment on account (IIC, investment funds and awards), subsidies (except for economic activities)
® Capital gains and losses (transfer of real estate including the habitual residence, shares or other assets) limit of 2 transfers. (Transfers of goods acquired by donation or inheritance are not made).
® Imputation of the real estate income regime.
® All previous income derived from the income allocation system.
® Income from business activities in modules (with their subsidies). Unlimited activities.


  • Online procedures during the alarm state INSTRUCTIONS 
    With electronic certificate or DNIe, General Electronic Registry of the AGE: LINK
    If you need or want to obtain an electronic certificate, contact: 971 139 103 or poblacio@calvia.com
    If you need to present an urgent one and you do not have an electronic certificate or DNIe, please fill out the form that you will find in this LINK. When your request is received, the Town Hall will contact you to prove your identity.
    If you have questions: 971 139 100 or calvia@calvia.com
  • Access to Calvià Town Hall notifications: If you have Internet access, you can already receive all notifications from the Calvià Town Hall online, quickly, safely and in a comfortable way. LINK
  • To request REGISTRY CERTIFICATES: poblacio@calvia.com
  • Residence Confirmation in the municipal registry for foreigners: The registration in the Municipal Registry for foreigners who are not obliged to renew their registration (nationals of EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and other states with an EU Regime Card or with Permanent Residence Authorisation), is subject to regular residence confirmation in the municipality. The residence confirmation processing for EU and similar foreigners and non-EU foreigners with an EU or permanent residence card is now available, using a form that allows the required documentation to be provided, so the resident is not required to go to the municipal premises. LINK