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Ciudad Ciencia reveals the secrets of light


Thursday, 8th June 2023


The 'Descubriendo la luz' (Discovering light) workshop will bring optics closer to Infant and Primary students through simple and fun experiments
• The activity is held on 16
th June at Son Ferrer Public School
• It is part of the Ciudad Ciencia project, promoted by the CSIC in collaboration with 57 town halls throughout Spain.

How does the eye work? What is fiber optics? What are the basic colours? The 'Descubriendo la luz' (Discovering light) workshop invites students from Calvià to find out the answer to these and many other questions related to optics.

Through simple and fun experiments, researchers from the IOPTICA scientific outreach group, belonging to the CSIC's "Daza de Valdés" Institute of Optics, will explain concepts such as refraction or reflection.

The students of the Son Ferrer Public School will be able to experiment and have fun with these workshops on 16th June in different sessions, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Ciudad Ciencia is a scientific outreach project whose purpose is for the inhabitants of Spanish towns to learn first-hand about current science and technology. Calvià has been part of the project since 2014.

More information about Ciudad Ciencia activities in Calvià at www.ciudadciencia.es.