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Calvią sustainable mobility project presentation


Wednesday 22nd September 2021


This process will have the participation of citizens as well as the Sustainable and Smart Urban Mobility Plan that also begins its drafting process

Within the framework of World Car-Free Day, within the celebration of European Mobility Week 2021, the main milestones of the sustainable mobility project in which Calvià Town Hall is already working on, which will launch a participatory process to collect proposals from citizens, has been presented this afternoon to citizens and entities of the municipality.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, recalled that improving mobility in Calvià is a commitment of the Government team. A commitment that involved the improvement of the internal connectivity of the municipality, which has taken a great step with the improvement of public transportation, the effective regulation of the use of personal mobility vehicles (VMP) through an advanced municipal ordinance, or the adaptation of infrastructures to move towards a more sustainable and less polluting mobility.

In the act presentation, Rafel Sedano, councillor for Environment and Ecological Transition, pointed out that World Car-Free Day should not be an isolated celebration, but a turning point to launch the important actions that have been explained today. Some actions that Sedano recalled are derived from the PACES (Covenant of Mayors and Mayoresses for Climate and Energy), which sets the strategies and actions related to sustainable mobility.

One of the outstanding milestones that has been announced today is the start of a process to reach a consensus with citizens on a project to unite all the areas of the municipality with an intermodal lane for personal mobility vehicles, in a consistent, continuous and safe way. An initiative that, according to the deputy mayor for Infrastructure, Juan Recasens, will produce a transfer from vehicles and motorcycles to personal vehicles (vmp, bicycles, etc.) close to 25%, which will allow, on the one hand, to improve the environmental quality, and, on the other, to pacify mobility throughout Calvià.

To carry out this project, a process will begin to collect proposals from the citizens so that the intermodal lane has the maximum possible consensus. In this framework, it is proposed to carry out a pilot test, which will be carried out between Son Caliu and Palmanova, and which will be previously informed to citizens and businesses, to test and analyse the pros and cons for the realisation of the global project. The idea is to carry out this test for 10 days, in late October or early November, from roundabout 5 in Son Caliu to roundabout 7 in Palmanova, making a closed circular intermodal circuit along Palmanova coastline.

It is in this area in which, also, after years of previous work, it begins the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Calvià, which will incorporate the European guidelines related to smart mobility with the approach of mobility as a service “Mobility as a service ”(MaaS), and that will propose a scenario based on efficiency, respect for the environment, accessibility and quality of citizen life, creating sustainable mobility strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the needs of residents, workers, and tourists of the municipality. A plan that will also have a participation process to collect proposals from the citizens.

Pilot plan proposal map