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Informative note from the Local Police of Calvią


Monday 10th August 2020



The police officers control that there are no large groups practising bottle parties

The Calvià Local Police officers ascertain that many young people party on the beaches near the entertainment venues on the Calvià coast. For this reason they have had to act and dissolve some groups that were bustling or not maintaining social distance, without having put up resistance. Given the current situation, the Calvià policemen pay special attention during the night so that people do not get together on the beaches of Magaluf and Palmanova to dance or practice bottle parties. Drinking in public spaces can entail an economic sanction for a minor offense that ranges between 100 and 3.000€, and which is marked by the Decree Law 11/2020 of 10th July, which sets out the provisions to alleviate the effects of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The police efforts are more intense from two in the morning.

Controls are also carried out on the leisure venues closing time, which is set by decree of the Government of the Balearic Islands. This weekend a report has been drafted to an establishment in Palmanova for non-compliance with the schedule, since it remained open at 2.30 in the morning. The same happened on Saturday in a leisure centre in Peguera which was still open at 2.46 in the morning. In reference to the premises of the Ramón de Montcada area, in Santa Ponça, in the last week a report has been drafted to an establishment where dancing was allowed and to another premises due to noise reasons, since the establishment had the music on and the doors open.

The Calvià Local Police officers continue to work on monitoring Punta Ballena and surrounding streets to verify that the premises are still closed. There are also capacity controls in establishments and monitoring of compliance with the rules of prevention of Covid-19, excess tourism and municipal ordinances. Regulations are widely followed by Calvià businesses, despite the fact that the police officers have had to act in a timely manner.

On the other hand, in the last week the Local Police of Calvià has paid special attention to the use of the municipal football pitch in Son Caliu, where young people from the municipality arranged to meet to play through a WhatsApp group without having the relevant permission. The players were warned that it was not allowed, surveillance has been maintained and the football pitch has not been used again out of the schedule.